Best Plugin for OpenAi API in Wordpress?

Hi, I want to test the API with some Wordpress plugin that allows to generate articles. I already have the wordpress website, I just want to add articles to it. Which one do you recommend?

On the other hand I read about people who program their own scripts (I am not a programmer) but is there any guide? I would like to put together something that generates an article with some H2, a Youtube video and at least 2 images in the post.

Thank you.

Any ideas? Or a plugin? So I can take advantage of the API. Thanks

Best bet would be to bing or google for the topic, a quick search returned

I’m using Article Generator by neatscriptlab. net, simple and easy to use.

I am using MagicAI, it has got many features and plus the abilites you are looking for.

we are developing this plugin it already has lots of features and most of them are free features. it just not supports openai but supports hundreds of models thanks to openrouter.

wpaimuse .com