I have find the solution to "Something went wrong!"

This extremely nasty issue may be caused by a certain orc programmer from OpenAI, and appears about every few minutes. It has been appearing constantly since April 16th.
If you want to continue to communicate with ChatGPT, you must refresh your webpage ,even you are a premium user. However, it may not occur on your mobile phone.
I have tried various methods to solve this problem in the past few days, including using VPN built on my own VPS, and buying more VPS to create more additional VPN as well as set a Cloudflare wrap on these VPS, but none of them have worked. Then, I captured packets to attempt find the reason with WireShark, because at that time ,I thought that the TCP socket between my browser and ChatGPT may be closed. But, it turned out to be a dead end.
In addition, I also modified the HTTP request header to make the sever think that my browser was running on a mobile phone. Eventually, this problem still constantly occurred.
During my attempting process just now, I accidentally logged into ChatGPT WITH FIREFOX and left it there. Approximately one hours later, I found the firefox running in the background. Then, I chatted with the previously opened ChatGPT session.A mircale happened!!! The error did not occurred, surprisingly!!! ChatGPT responsed my message without any problem! Before that, I had been using Google Chrom and Edge.
An approach to testing if this problem will occur is to close and then reconnect your network while the ChatGPT webpage is running. After reconnecting your network, send ChatGPT a message to see whether this issue will occur. If “something went wrong” does not occur, this consequence means your problem is solved.

same problem.This problem is making me question the value of my subscription. ** this orc programmer

Having the same problem. So the solution you refered to is to change the browser? I’ve been using chrome only. What’s the point for reconnecting the network?