How to gain GPT4 API access faster?

I submitted for the waitlist on March 14th, but I’m itching to gain access to the API so I can use it for some live projects. I’m not sure if there is any other step I can take to gain access - I am already a ChatGPT Plus member and a paying OpenAI user already utilizing GPT3.5-Turbo for scripts I’m writing to test the waters.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve heard they’re looking for people to help with evals.

Good luck…


Thanks, I am in! Appreciate the response.

Can you please elaborate on your experience since last you wrote here?

What did you mean by “I am in”? …only, that you were up to help with evals, right?

In the meanwhile, did you already get access to the API?
I’m in that same position, of waiting for access to develop further.

Me too - been on the waiting list for the GPT4 API since March 16th. I’m an AI dev so you can imagine how excited I am to get access, especially since I have plans to develop dev tools that use AI to work with entire repos. Any powerful people around who can help?? :pray: