I have a GPT4 subscription but code interpreter disable having Limits(40 messages/3 hours)

My plan is GPT4 since Jan 28 2024 (paid 20$), but “code interpreter” didn’t appear at:

Settings>Beta Features

in addition, when choose GPT4 I’ve got this message: with DALL·E, browsing and analysis Limit 40 messages / 3 hours
It’s really frustrating that I’ve been paying for almost a whole week and can’t use these add-ons, what could be the reason?

Code Interpreter is active automatically.
There is no setting to toggle any more which makes working with the model more easy and convenient.
Just try it and you will get there.

“analysis” there refers to “advanced data analysis” - a rather generic renaming of “code interpreter” that came out when ChatGPT Enterprise was released.

why i have limited messages?

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It seems like my account is not connected to GPT4 as part of my subscription

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Are you discussing the use of ChatGPT, the web chatbot, or are you using the OpenAI API?

Both symptoms, a limit of three messages per minute, and no access to GPT-4 models, can be if you are currently using free trial credits to pay for API services.

To increase API rate limit, and unlock use of GPT-4 models, one must add a payment method to an API account and make a purchase of prepaid credits.


Please check my account pls and tell me what u see

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We are just fellow users here on the forum. We cannot access accounts.

You can clarify exactly where you are encountering these issues, then someone might inform you how to proceed.

This particular topic is about ChatGPT Plus, which is at chat.openai.com. For subscribers that pay $20 per month, more features are available, but there are also usage limits on the more intensive GPT-4 model there.

Thank you very much,
I’m using ChatGPT 4 throw the web ----chat.openai.com
but i paid 20$ so i dont know what’s the problem .
maybe i need to download something? or connect to another site?

Please take a look at the link below.
Then try to reproduce the same behavior when using ChatGPT with the GPT-4 model selected.

It will work right out of the box.

Edit: there is a little blue arrow. If you click it, you can see the workings of the code interpreter/data analysis tool.

What’s the difference?
i’ve paid 20$ so i don’t know why i can’t connect
this is my invoice

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