Gpt-4 api acsses denied after billing more than 1$

hello guys (:
i have the same problem as many people here that i have no acsess to gpt4 api.
i paid more than 1$, in single organization and one account:

and i tried to recreate an acsess key. the result i cant use the model, in code or playground.

I understood that since July we should get the acsess automatically, after billing one dolar. i dont really see practical answers in similar topics. Any ideas what to do, anyone?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

As has been mentioned many times on the forum, 1) Billing is slower than normal this month, so it may take some time to generate a bill 2) if you wish to gain GPT-4 access now you can create an extra account with a new email address, then pre pay $5 to that account and you will be granted GPT-4, if your current account has extra features like extended limits or usage, do not remove the payment method from that account, if you don’t mind, then you can remove the payment method and then go for prepay and again load it with $5 in credit to obtain GPT-4.