I can't sign up for an OpenAI account


I come from a country that is not on the list supported by OpenAI.
However, I am researching and developing a chatbot application through OpenAI for my project.
So how can I register and use OpenAI in my country?


You might be able to use a cheap VPN. Or you could just contact support and get the advice. Maybe you can ask them to add you country. If its that easy. Also what country are you from?

I used a VPN to sign up, but I can’t add my credit card to the payment method.
I come from Vietnam.
I tried to contact them by email, but no one answered.
Do you have another way to contact them?

If you go to beta.openai.com there is a support option there. Who did you contact?

I sent an email to support@openai.com
I used the chat box in the contact section, but their only BOT replies.