I can't see other team members' GPTs, and they can't see mine

We are a team of two people. We would like to create and share GPTs with each other.

When I create and publish a GPT to our team space, my team member can’t see it - and vice versa, I can’t see hers. I have checked that I am logged into the team profile and not my personal, she has as well.

When I edit and publish the GPT, it says "Published to [team name] with a green indicator that it should be fine next to the word “Published”.

Is it a bug or are we doing something wrong here?

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Thanks for your update and using the tag chatgpt-team. As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this noticed by the OpenAI staff.

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