Why can't I rest my account so I don't have to login through Google?

Yeesh, I make one single mistake by logging in with Google, and now until the Universe collapses into a state of pure entropy I have no choice but to suffer this fate? Why is the account management so obtuse? Why can’t I just delete my account and start a new one with the same email/phone number? There is something ironic about the ‘customer front end’ for an advanced AI tool being the most useless, arcane, impossible to decipher system ever designed. Is there ANY way around this madness?

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I’m having the same issue. google login just not working anymore.

Same issue. No where to just enter my login email & password… especially for 3rd party apps integrating with OpenAI. So I’m stuck too… I use google, and OpenAI doesn’t ask for a password. Hmm…

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Please, allow us to use a password if logged with Google!