I can't finish the creation of my account

Before I was stuck at the confirmation message to create the account, I’d send the confirmation but nothing ever arrives, now it’s saying “Your account was flagged for potential abuse. If you feel this is an error, please contact us at help.openai.com

can someone please help me? is there any contact to the support?

You can join our telegram channel and i will help you there. ► https://t.me/ChatGPTCommunity13

Had the same prob but went to Login and used my google account and setup right away

the thing is, I don’t use google so that’s not an option for me :confused:

Check this thread:
Your account was flagged for potential abuse

There are a few procedures (at the end of the thread) that you can test. Work for some.

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Hi can. You not just sign up for one when you login with the Google gmail

I also tried using gmail for that but since my phone somehow is flagged I can’t use it, haven’t received any answer from the tickets I opened at openai help, it’s been weeks…

please go to the thread, and read the last messages (the technical ones) - phone is not flagged (if it was used for few times) - the account (email) was flagged.