I cannot publish my GPT to the GPT store successfully

I’ve tried for two weeks and just keep getting this error which doesn’t tell me much. I’ve tried about everything I can think of. Any suggestions?

Do you have your privacy policy published online and accessible? It could be that simple. I can’t remember which one but there is a GPT that can create one for you and host it until you can get it done if that turns out to be the issue.

Hmm maybe I’m confused - I’m not using the customgpt.ai site to create a custom GPT, i’m just using chat.openai.com and picking “Create a GPT”. I couldn’t find anything about a privacy policy there. I don’t have any actions defined also - i’ve just uploaded a bunch of PDFs and explained to it how I want the custom GPT to work.

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I’ve created all of mine in the OpenAI builder space and it definitely required me to create a hosted privacy policy. I don’t want to imply that is the issue with yours but if it is it would be the simplest solution ever.

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It seems like there might be a confusion regarding the requirement for a privacy policy when publishing a GPT model. While the customgpt. ai site may require a privacy policy, the chat.openai. com interface for creating a GPT model might not have the same requirement.

However, it’s still a good idea to ensure that you have a privacy policy in place, especially if your GPT model interacts with user data or here if it’s intended for public use. Even if it’s not explicitly required for the publishing process, having a privacy policy can provide transparency and trust to your users regarding how their data is handled.

If you’re encountering errors while publishing your GPT model, it might be worth reaching out to OpenAI support for assistance. They can provide specific guidance and troubleshoot any issues you’re facing during the publishing process.

In the meantime, double-checking the documentation or support resources provided by OpenAI for any requirements or best practices regarding privacy policies could also be helpful.

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Mine did require it. I built within OpenAI. completely up to you @russrimm just sharing what helped me. My GPT has been a featured top pick in the GPT store for the last week, if any of my tough moments can help someone else, that’s great. If it doesn’t you haven’t lost much time checking it.