I can not see the browsing plugin under my chatgpt?

I wonder if this is common, I only see plugins, but can not see browsing plugins. Is that normal?

I have registered both in the past.

click in the right hand box "no plugins enabled’.
that box only shows first time screen loads, and opens a combo box of plugin options.

yes, I did, but only show this, no anywhere to see teh browsing plugin…

right. Sorry, I thought maybe you hadn’t seen or tried that. Neither do I. Not sure why they demo’d it if they didn’t plan to release it. It really is life changing to have the web available in chat. That’s why I ended up building my own.

The browsing plugin along with code interpreter are separate groups which is why you don’t see browsing.

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thanks for the reply!
is there a mechanism or plan for requesting access? I do realize from my own experience they are probably each pretty resource-intensive to support.

Similar to OP I have Plugin access, but I’m not seeing the group that includes the browsing and code interpreter plugins. Is this a temporary state or bug? See screenshot - thanks in advance

The browser plugin showed up a few hours later in the day after I had noticed I got access to plugins

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