Broswing plugin not available

Hi guys!

I just got access to the plugins and I wanted to try the browsing and legal but I don’t see them in the list to install. How can I install it?

What are you looking to browse? The internet? What search engine are you looking to do the browsing? Google?

I have a feeling that Google is not going to develop there own plugin for you to do this right away, since they see OpenAI and Microsoft’s leverage of OpenAI’s tech as a direct business threat. And services like ChatGPT and Bing search threaten Google Search, which is one of their major products (or more accurately the data the mine from Google Search).

You might be able to make your own custom plugin that uses a search engine like Google. Not sure if they will allow that to go to the plugin store since it would be an unofficial Google plugin.

At this point I don’t care about a search engine lol, ideally google but if not possible then Duckduckgo or if not possible Bing.

So any… I saw it’s possible already in the demo OpenAI shared so should it be included? @mgruenhagen18


Here they are showcasing the browsing plugin:

Based on the screenshot, that looks like that could be Wolfram alpha output, maybe? Although, it doesn’t look like the output I have seen.

No, it’s actually navigating the web. Look at this @mgruenhagen18

If you don’t mind cloning and hosting yourself, I have a plugin called llmsearch available on github. It uses google customized search api, scrapes web pages in parallel, has two levels of search (which chatGPT automagically uses), etc, etc.

GitHub - bdambrosio/llmsearch: llm enhanced web search

Hey! Plugin access is separate from browsing access which is why you don’t see it.


I don’t see an option to apply for browsing access. If Open AI is not granting anyone browsing access right now is there a browsing plugin that we can host ourself, that Open AI recommends or an official version ?

I was looking for this also, did you find it?

Yes @convurt , it looks like ChatGPT is gradually rolling out the internet feature. I just got ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 with Internet (they are Alpha version) but they are independent from the plugins. So you would use the internet just like you are using the regular ChatGPT 3.5.

Here’s how it looks:

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