I am unable to make payments for Open AI API in Nigeria

I am unable to make payments for Open AI API, I have been stuck for over three weeks now. I have used Chipper Cash and Eversend Virtual cards. Eversend Virtual card worked for the stripe payment for GPT Plus but it is not working for the API Payment. Kindly advise

Welcome to the forum!

The OpenAI staff do not monitor this forum.
There is no user on this forum that can help you with a billing question/problem.

Normally one would check


which does not seem to cover your problem.

Your best option would be to send a message to the OpenAI staff using the help widget/bot

From https://help.openai.com/en/ click the bot in the lower right image to see something similar to

At this point you have to go through a decision tree by using available options but you want to get to something like


Then enter a reply with details, include your email address used with the account in question.

There is no guarantee you will get a reply but it is the best advice we can give.


Hello brother, were you able to finally solve the problem, what was the solution?

I can’t believe there is still no solution for this issue. All the cards i have tried so far have been declined by openai including the uba usd card and others.

This is just terrible!!