I am not able to instal an unverified plugins. Even though I am developer according to OpenAI email


I looked in this forum and I found that to instal unverified plugin

I have to go to “Develop your own plugin” option and then paste link like that: https://www.transvribe.com/.

So I did

And I get error that: Couldn’t install plugin.

If i try to go to instal unverified plugin option imidiatly, I also get error: Couldn’t install plugin.

As I understand those unveried plugins are only for 15 developers to use, so I only have option to develop my onw unverified plugin?

Kind regards.

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Having exact same issue… whether I choose develop your own, or install unverified. Have been a pro user since it came out, email etc verified…

Have you found a solution yet? Have tried multiple different plugins, different browsers and devices, logging in and out. I’m in the UK and wonder if it could be a region thing

So I think this is the case that who creates unverified plugin can only share it with 15 users.