Develop your own plugin vs install unverified plugin - Very confusing

I’m trying to understand the difference. I use “Develop your own plugin” in ChatGPT with my local or remote URL to test my plugin. So what is the point of “Install unverified plugin”? To my understanding, 15 developers can use my plugin if it is not approved.

It seems i cannot install the plugin directly in “Install unverified plugin”, until I install it first in “Develop your own plugin”. Does ChatGPT keep a record of plugins added through “Develop your own plugin” and then makes it available in “Install unverified plugin”?

Why can’t we just use “Install unverified plugin” for development and testing. Also it seems like other developers can simply install it through “Develop your own plugin” (in which case it can be more than 15). This is all confusing.

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Well, in fact, there are some configurations that only the plugin owner can do.

For example, if you’re using some authentication scheme, you will have to add some additional verification tokens to your manifest and provide some client/secret ids to ChatGPT.

So, when you use the “Develop your own plugin” flow, ChatGPT is going to provide the whole wizard to configure your plugin and these tokens for instance.

Once it’s configured, any other developers (including you) can use the “Install unverified plugin” to fetch the same manifest file. However, they will not be asked for any additional configuration since you did it already.

That’s the difference I understood. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Maybe the plugin name in ai-plugin.json is restricted to 15 users? Which would also be confusing because how do we know which names are taken by other unverified plugins?

@kevinpiac great answer I was looking for. thanks!

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Why can´t I even find the Develop Your Own Plugin?

The tabs I have are the ones below

I have the same page. No “Develop your own Plugin” button. Where is it?

@rogerpenna @sikayetvar development of plugins is still exclusive to those approved from the wait-list Install Unverified Plugin - Everyone Should Have Access to This

If you have been granted ChatGPT plugin developer rights then it would be on that page at the bottom right. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have applied for the third time now, I have not been given access :confused: and i am a plus customer.