I am integrating ChatGPT to .NET. I am facing issue. Below I will send issue' picture

Hello. I checked my Api key,and also There is enogh my free tier of my OpenAI account. I tried several api keys.


Are your free credits expired, perhaps? What’s your billing page say?

See, I couldn’t get what my dashboard is saying. There is written that expiration day is 1 July 2023, but that day has already gone. Now as I understand, Even I create a new account, I can not use my free credits? Am I right?

Yeah, if you signed up for ChatGPT, you were likely given the free credits at that time (back in July…)

When did you sign-up for ChatGPT? Or did someone try to sell you an API account with free credits or something?

You just need to pop $5 (or more) in… Very useful API…

Nope, it is my account. I did’t buy Api account from someone.
Honestly, I don’t know exactly what day I created my account, perhaps it is about July or early. If you see image which was attached, there is 18$ credits. is it already expired? If so, how can I get free credits whether creating a new account or other ways?


Not possible at this time. Really, $5 is not a lot when you’re talking about bleeding edge technology, in my humble opinion!

Good luck on your quest, though. There’s a bunch of decent open source models now, I believe, that you can download and run on your own computer.