How would you guys feel about artificial intelligence in building a town or city?

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I’m building a town or city that will probably be made with using artificial intelligence in the process. What are your thoughts about this?

I would love to post a link but it’s going to be flagged as spam so whoever is interested can you please reply? Thank you so much.

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Sounds cool but also sounds really vague.

Are we talking a “virtual city” or a “real city”???

When I hear: “Bro, let’s build a city with AI!” My eyes roll. :roll_eyes:


I’m talking about a real city made with proper materials. Not only that but space exploration as well with using artificial intelligence, possibly. Especially with the rapid rise of artificial intelligence.



Again, sounds awesome … what are your ideas?

My only ideas are:

  1. Build super-intelligent AI
  2. Use it to procure awesome amazing mega-scaled 3d printer
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!!

Yes, the idea is very similar. The place is going to be called Grand Central. A place that will run the future, I guess. At the moment I’m still trying to find a place where I can build this place. But most likely in a place that isn’t inhabited yet by civilisation or animals. Or if possible, buy some land where Grand Central can be built. Also, I have ideas as to space exploration within Grand Central. So basically it’ll be a city where major things happen within Earth. This could be space exploration, better cars, technology, etc. I’m also looking for some funding but first of course I will need some sort of agreement with others first before this can happen. So you can say it’s a pretty big project.

Yeah, insanely big!

Is your name Elon Musk?

I hope so, you are going to need a lot of cash and an lot of time to create that!

Yes, indeed. I was hoping to run a fundraiser for this so it can be done as quickly as possible so others can enjoy it as well besides me. Not sure if SpaceX was fundraised but I’m pretty sure Elon made his own profits to run that. But what I’m currently looking at is to shift the economy towards this project so everyone around the world can use it too. But still got to find a place to build Grand Central first to prove that it actually works.

No problem, there is a bunch of land in Montana. Go ahead and buy it up.

Then build the crowdsourced super-intelligent AI. Then go from there.

Sounds doable to me … :upside_down_face:

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Yes, that is basically the plan.

  1. Buy real estate.
  2. Possibly use artificial intelligence to build the city.

The city will have plenty of new things that the world hasn’t seen before. But of course the plans will eventually come out to the public once it’s been finished.

Well, there’s a lot of flaws in AI, as you can tell from the whole forum. You might want to try connecting it to a basic city simulator and see how it goes from there.

GPT doesn’t handle the spatial realm very well though and all LLMs have trouble with math. I’m not sure if it can properly handle all the work needed to build a city. Some people are excited to build things with tools like AutoGPT, but most of those tools usually fall short when trying to build real world projects. Apparently, the AI ends up procrastinating on big projects sometimes.

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