3d printing and ai generative prompts

Hello everyone. I am looking for feedback and input on the feasibility of my current project plan for my 3D Printing company. After seeing all the advancements that have rapidly emerged, I am looking to establish one of the first 3D PRINTING companies, producing products and real life objects based on customer text and image prompts that in turn will be generated into a model through blender, and with proper parameters and such, printed on one of our 3D printers.

I have been working solo and tirelessly to get this developed, and being that I am a start up of the smallest capacity, I am sure there are bigger fish in the sea seeking the same end goal.

I was wondering if there was any input on the project and if I needed to provide more context in terms of my coding. Thanks for everyones time and good luck to you all on the endeavors

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Thank you so much! I am going to dive in to that and see what I can generate. my end goal is a 24/7 print farm automated by AI to disrupt manufacturing industries. Products like prosthetics and to scale parts that are custom ordered is where I think the sweet spot will be.

Very cool! I like that concept. I need to do more productivity automation for my day job for sure.

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Thank you so much! I can’t express enough how much I appreciate it

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I think what you’re doing is super interesting, I use 3D printing in my research and have given a few lectures on 3d bioprinting, I’m super excited to see someone trying to make 3d printing more accessible!

I think you will run into issues generating 3d prints entirely from promts alone, especially when it comes to mechanical parts that has to interact with the real world. I believe a better approach would be to have the API interact with a site like thingiverse to find the most fitting object, you could then have GPT produce instructions on how to edit the 3d part within your website’s online editor.

Very interesting concept! That is a good idea! Im spending Day and night trying to work through this because I know the capability and tech is there, I just gotta make it fit

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@kashmunkey 2023-05-10 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]
I am kind of an idea type and see that your project is Great!!! Although I believe I may have a use outside of what you suggest. I propose might have a larger impact on society as a whole, including an entire user manifested AI virtual reality time machine. I am not sure if you are aware of any 3D image-based ai generating software. but I beliecane able to figure that out and run an API from the text generated from the GPT-3 and run it over to an image-generating software with 3D capability we can have an entire manipulatable virtual reality system that you can have a GPT predictive future and have it expressed through a text-based dream generator that works within a 3D environment as a type of “time machine” - " Holo Deck" if your a Trekkie like me. As far as a concept I am not aware of anyone else working on such a project. I believe its the future of gaming environment which involves a “speak into existence” gameplay experience, Which is foreseeable in today’s standards, with VR Gaming being widely available to the public.
I have other ideas for your 3D printing that what we can talk about those later and
if this seems like an idea that you may be interested in then send a private message and we can talk more so that we can make this project standout.