How to talk with a real person in OpenAI Help Center

I upgraded to Plus a few days ago.

It seems it results in errors so frequently, and sine I paid for it, it’s more annoying.

  1. Anyone experienced similar situation after upgrading to Plus?

  2. The errors(network errors, Regenerate button, and so on) seem to appear more when I ask GPT to draw a picture.
    Is it common to get more errors when asking for drawing than asking for text answer?
    Is it problem of GPT or DALLE?

  3. To solve the problem I went to OpenAI Help Center(
    But I could’t find menu I can write my own problem and get a direct answer from OpenAI employees.
    I looked through AI Bot, but unlike typical chatbots of many websites, I couldn’t find a button that I can click and type something.
    Anyone know how to ask for human help in OpenAI Help Center? Is it even possible?

I do not believe it is possible to speak to anyone regarding support.

The problem cannot be solved for you by individual tech support guidance.

It is apparent that there are multiple facets of ChatGPT internal application features that affect thousands, into millions, with ongoing performance issues or failures. This is a infrastructure-scale and application deployment-level concern.

Right within ChatGPT is a feedback button. Give a downvote, and you will be able to choose from many categories, and also can provide other comments within. It is in bulk that an issue can be identified.

The input that you can provide to is also “feedback”. I just sent one to demonstrate for you:

A regenerate button, by the way, is almost always there after a response, right in the toolbar next to downvote, if you wish to see a different variation of the answer, because ChatGPT will rarely answer in the same way twice. It is just prominent when there is a “something has gone wrong” timeout.

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