How do you talk to a human these days in OpenAI support?

You’d think this would be one of those FAQ that’s always repeated, but I don’t see it asked/answered anywhere recently. I cannot get through the bots on the help page, and the phone number I found via research does not go through. I it still possible to talk to staff directly, regarding GPT4 issues?

You don’t really…

Unless it’s a billing issue then you’re better off just posting here. It also will help anyone else who has the same issue and would (hopefully) stumble across your post.

There’s customer support but they’re often incorrect, or way too generalized to be helpful.

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When you go through the options with the bot you choose ‘something else’ and then ask for the team when you get the option to type in your request.

Good luck with your inquiry!


I have a problem updating the billing information (credit card details) of my account. Is there an actual agent I can talk to about this issue? The Help Centre is not responding. Thanks