How to sign out of all sessions in chatGPT anywhere

I lent my account to my friend, I changed my password but login session is still valid on his machine. So how can i log out of that login session myself without telling him?


I am sure this is against the OpenAI Terms of Service, so you are basically asking OpenAI help you fix a problem you caused by violating your service agreement.

Please never shared user ids and passwords with others. Thanks.

Note. I promised myself yesterday I would not reply to these types of questions for at least a week; and less than 24 hours later, I have broken my own promise to myself.


I understand, but on other websites, users can log out of all sessions when they change their password, such as Facebook and Gmail,…

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Facebook and Gmail did not have this available during their early years or when they were beta releases.

It is very unfair to compare these very mature, decades long services with a beta “research and marketing release” of a newish technology.


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We know that an application that comes after should inherit the good features of previous applications. Here, I am asking if ChatGPT has these features and, if so, how they are implemented.

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You could try to change your password. Maybe this will get the result you want to.

Changing password won’t help if account is logged in wth google

if i don’t logged in google ,changing my password is usefully?

you got any solution?
I have been struggling with the same issue

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How can I logout from all device from chatgpt

This number is already linked with many accounts!! A big problem solve this …

Has this been solved yet? GPT4 couldn’t figure it out with it’s web browsing, I have signed into my account on other devices that I do not have access to and need to sign out. This is a basic feature, integral for account security, why is it not something that OpenAI has implemented? Additionally, even after changing the password and adding MFA it seems that the session tokens remain active indefinitely. WTF guys, this is absurd. I cancelled my subscription. Please fix this.


Is there any solution to log out from all devices of my account? It is connected with google account

So far, I’ve found no way to log back into ChatGPT. Every time I try, it appears like I’m setting up an account and after I enter my cell number, I’m either told; 1.) Maximum accounts have been associated with this number OR 2.) My number cant be verified…go to help… Not helpful at all.

I’d like to continue using ChatGPT but…

Any suggestions on other AI apps I can use instead?

why isnt log out of devices feature offered? I am waiting for it actively.

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Hi, I have the same issue only in my case I did not share the password, but I see ghost chats every time I log in, which means someone is using my account, which is really inconvenient because3 of the cap. Could you please help?

“log out of all sessions because of account compromise” is something you can contact staff to do at (until they build a web interface) - but only after you determine and fix the password problem.

Hey, bro, did you solve this problem. I’m also struggling with it.

The same problem here, and I already contacted support but they didn’t respond. It’s simply absurd that it doesn’t have this basic security measure of logging out on all devices

I was hacked by some guy from China. As I understand it, he writes his requests to ChatGPT and does not clear the history. Moreover, he also paid for the subscription with my card since it is linked to the account. I changed the password to my account, but this did not help, since his device’s access is still active. you guys need to come up with something to take away access from other devices within your account. since now the only way out that I see is to delete my account, which is very inconvenient.

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