How to sign out of all sessions in chatGPT anywhere

I lent my account to my friend, I changed my password but login session is still valid on his machine. So how can i log out of that login session myself without telling him?

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I am sure this is against the OpenAI Terms of Service, so you are basically asking OpenAI help you fix a problem you caused by violating your service agreement.

Please never shared user ids and passwords with others. Thanks.

Note. I promised myself yesterday I would not reply to these types of questions for at least a week; and less than 24 hours later, I have broken my own promise to myself.


I understand, but on other websites, users can log out of all sessions when they change their password, such as Facebook and Gmail,…

Facebook and Gmail did not have this available during their early years or when they were beta releases.

It is very unfair to compare these very mature, decades long services with a beta “research and marketing release” of a newish technology.


We know that an application that comes after should inherit the good features of previous applications. Here, I am asking if ChatGPT has these features and, if so, how they are implemented.