URGENT - I need help to figure if my account was hacked

Hi, so as the title goes, something weird is going on in my account. My phone got stolen this Monday, and I did everything I could to block it, but I’m not sure if they somehow still have access to it. Today I found a new chat with the prompt “Write me an essay about robbers” that I did not write, with a following weirder prompt asking “Why do friends turn gay?” both with grammar and writing that is very much not mine. I don’t know how to figure out when these prompts were made, and if I ask Chat, it says it was made today, the 16th of December.

I need to know if they still have access to my GPT account and my phone, but I’m not a technical person and have no idea how. If anyone could point me to how to find the original date of the prompt or if I can log out of devices somewhere, it would be much appreciated.

I already tried to wipe my phone off from Google Devices but it says the phone can’t be reached, which wouldn’t make sense if they could still use GPT, which could potentially mean they still have access to my phone which is a big no-no. Any help is appreciated. Sorry if this doesn’t exactly correspond to what is usually here, but I don’t know anywhere else to ask.

Send a message via the help.openai.com assistant to OpenAI staff.

I would also recommend changing your password.

Changing EVERY password, that is…

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Just got hacked too. Random chats appearing. Please let me know what has helped you!

Are you talking about The API or ChatGPT?

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ChatGPT! Thank you & happy holidays