How to restore a deleted account

Can someone help me? I accidentally deleted my account and now I can’t create a new one with the same phone number and email address. What should I do now to get back my account? Is there anyone having the same problem with me?


Hi, i have a similar issue, i’ve deleted my account and i’m trying to sign up again
it won’t let me use a new email or anything to sign up
i’ve tried multiple email addresses and it comes back with an error message that i’ve deleted my account

i’ve left a message in a few other forums but nothing has come back yet

Me too. This happed to me two days ago. I sent messages to the help center to see if they can do anything. It said they will reply me within a week. So I’m still waiting now . If I get any news, I will share with you.


Do you have any news from the support? I’m in the same situation.

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Nothing at all. I think I lost my account forever. They do not have any support services at all

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I’m having the same problem - the helpdesk at is not responding over 2 weeks now

any news from your end @btmtamvn ?

Same situation here. The helpdesk doesn’t respond for months. I tried to email them at a month ago and got ignored. Tried emailing again just now, but I doubt there would be result. I don’t have the capacity to change my email account, so I’m still looking forward for a solution.

Same here …l’ve just emailed the support and you guys saying that the don’t get back to you !! ToT

Yeah… same here. It keeps saying my account is deleted or my phone number is on the max amount of accounts but I only used my phone number for one account. Then people are getting banned due to OpenAI so honestly, I’m tempted to drop the website. I really want to use it but trying to get help to use it again after I accidentally deactivated my account, it’s just hard.

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same here, in their documentation, it clearly says that deleting an account is permanent and you can’t access it at all, the problem is the phone number connected to the account, which will stay connected and it’s unusable, I hope they come up with a solution for this because now I am fully out and in order to create an account I have to get a new phone number!

sam here. they built this UI in one day. it shows. what a garbage customer service. what a useless helpcenter.