How to request a story with for example about 500 words on davinci

Using playground I’m trying to request a bedtime story with about 500 words using davinci 3 in a single request. Many times I get incomplete stories and I need to hit submit again multiple times till I reach the end of the story.

Can someone give me some prompt tips

Welcome to the community.

What is your prompt? And your settings?

There are a couple of things, that might help!
The first and most simple is to ensure that your maximum length is above 500. It defaults to 250ish so it’ll cut you off mid-story.

Starting with an explanation of what type of role you want the AI to “act as” seems to produce nice results. In this case something like “Act as an amazing storyteller and writer.” might work.

Secondly, I found that writing longer content isn’t very repeatable in “one shot”, so I broke it into a few different steps. 500 words aren’t too long, but when you’re trying to hit 1000+ repeatedly it can be a challenge.

Step 1, ask for a story/article/blog outline and then feed the outline back as part of the second prompt.
e.g. “Act as an amazing storyteller and writer. Propose the key plot points you would cover for a children’s short story:”

Step 2, use the returned outline to make the second request.
e.g. “Act as an amazing storyteller and writer. Using the following outline generate a 500-word story:

Hope that helps.


Thank you, I’m using your suggestion and it works better, the AI give me allways a smaller story but it’s enough.