Playground ignoring length requirement

I’ve just started using OpenAI, and I love it. But I’ve run into one big problem - it seems that the one thing it can’t do is respect a request for a certain word count in a prompt. I’m hoping it’s just something I’m doing wrong.

For example, I’ll provide the prompt “Write 500 words about whale migration.” More often than not, the response will be 100-200 words, no more. I’m using davinci.

What’s going on here? What do I need to do differently? And to answer the obvious, I have turned the maximum length up all the way to 4,000.

Maximum length prevents more than X tokens from being used. What you’re looking for is a minimum length setting, which is not currently a parameter.

Try using a different model like, Curie. It can be more helpful with instructions like these.

You’ll also want to update your prompt. More explicit instructions will increase the word count,

“Write a comprehensive and extremely detailed essay on the migratory patterns of grey whales. Elaborate on the lives they live and thoroughly discuss how they are impacted by specific topics like climate change, microplastics, and over-fishing by humans. Add a paragraph on the life of blue whales and another on killer whales.”

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