How to process image in ChatGPT4

Chatgpt 4.0 should be able to process images.
I have ChatGPT-plus Subscription and I can use gpt4.0 but how can I upload an image or pdf?


As far as I can tell, image support is currently unavailable in ChatGPT Plus.


but on the anouncment page its stated that it should GPT-4
or am I missing something ?


I’m on the same situation. They say that here but maybe they run into something. Rookie mistake to buy something without checking it first, not talking about GPT4 but in general. I’ve been testing GPT4 vs GPT3.5 and the way it delivers the answer is vastly superior and I’m glad I bought it, but the image processing was what I was the most hyped for. Guess we’ll have to wait. Thank you for bringing this up and that I’m not the only one not finding it


Bought chatgpt plus for image input function and guess what, there is no way to give image to ChatGPT. Openai should refund my money


I think we should wait for some time until image feature comes.

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I asked gpt4 how to upload an image, and it told me, including steps. You have to use a third party AI API to convert the image into text, then you can paste that in.

My prompt was:

How do I upload an image into gpt 4?

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yesterday I worked on a code where I gave a url with a control panel of a c# code and I asked it to make the code we were working on strictly follow that user interface and he did it but today it has been blocked and does not allow that.

Same for me, the image processing was my goal

Image ingesting seems to be temporarily removed from the API docs. Watching the GPT-4 livestream at 7:47 you can see the documentation on his screen. But all that seems removed right now.

I have gpt-4 access, and I just tried to ingest an image using that format using the API. It returned an errored. I think they decided to hold off on that feature for now.

Flow Charts: Pseudo Code

Today I just found a way to let GPT 4 “see” some flow charts. I had a flow chart about risk assessment in organizations (see image) as part of a longer text, which ChatGPT/GPT 4 had to process somehow. So I decided to describe it in pseudo code and we were able to easily speak about that process. (I’m from Germany so the words are in German, but the idea should get clear.) I’ve done this with two other business processes and observed that ChatGPT/GPT 4 also understands less strict pseudo code very well (see second example). ChatGPT also gave me the hint to use python-pptx to extract and describe PowerPoint shapes to it.

Pseudo code:

let Evaluation = undefined;
let Document = undefined;
let Betrieb = new Betrieb("Beliebiger Betrieb");
function Gefaehrdungsbeurteilung(): void {
    let hasGefaehrdung;
    do {
        let potenzielleGefaerdungen: Array<any> = Bestandsaufnahme();
        Document.write("Potenzielle Gefaehrdungen: " + potenzielleGefaehrdungen);
        hasGefaehrdung = false;
        for(g of potenzielleGefaehrdungen) {
            if(g is Gefaehrdung) {
                hasGefaehrdung = true;
                let Masznahmen = AbleitungMasznahmen(g);
                Document.write("Masznahmen: " + Masznahmen);
                Evaluation = Bewertung(Masznahmen);
                Document.write("Evaluation: " + Evaluation);
    } while(hasGefaehrdung);

Betrieb.addEventListener("Anlass nach § 5 ArbSchG", Gefaehrdungsbeurteilung);

Second Example:

// translated from German to English
if(absence days last 12 months > 30 days)
     First contact between the management and those affected
     if (person concerned wishes BEM)
         Composition of the BEM team
         Initial discussion between the person concerned and the BEM team
         if (person concerned wishes BEM)
                 Case discussion between the person concerned and the BEM team
                 if (person concerned wishes BEM)
                     Measures are carried out together
                     The effect of the measures is evaluated together
             while (affected person wants BEM && measures do not work)
             Final discussion between the person concerned and the BEM team
Documentation of the BEM    
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I’d say thats a super cheeky way to get access, but he even highlighted it in the video, so maybe it was supposed to be a backdoor beta with plausable deniability :joy:

Not quite. He mentioned copying the image ingest documentation from an OpenAI blog post from March 1, 2023.

I was able to find that blog post, but there is no mention of the image ingest API on it.

Edit: Upon one further re-watch, he says he simply typed the image documentation in there.

In any case, I wasn’t able to get it working. But also, you’re really gonna need the gpt-4-32k model for images, because you’re passing in the raw byte code of the image. And 32k is not yet released.

I’d love to be a tester on that, if anyone at OpenAI is reading this!

This is a “very strange” situation, as the ChatGPT-4 Plus version was supposed to understand images. Is there a way to check this with Open AI support?

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I have just cancelled my Plus subscription due to the lack of announced image processing.

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I agree. I am cancelling as well. I don’t think I will be subscribing again. Any other company that pulled these bate and switch tactics would be sued.

give me its swimlane diagram

When I first started using ChatGPT 4, I directed it to an uploaded PDF containing an image. I asked if it could “see” it, and it said it could. It even gave me a decent description of what it saw. Really impressive!

But then after a bit it told me something completely wrong about the uploaded image, and I asked it, “Are you REALLY looking at the image?” It said it wasn’t, and apologized for the “confusion”, and admitted it had no image processing capabilities.

It was able to describe the image fairly accurately because it already had information about it I had uploaded in text form. It relied on THAT data, but pretended it was getting it from the image file. WTH?

This happens A LOT with ChatGPT. It says it’s doing something, reading a web page, looking at an image, reading a PDF, whatever, and it just isn’t. You need to always be on your toes with this thing to make sure it’s not hallucinating/confabulating/lying.

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Agreed. This needs to be addressed, completely unethical. I get that this technology is complex, so just say you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t have me buying something that doesn’t work as advertised.