How to process image in ChatGPT4

Chatgpt 4.0 should be able to process images.
I have ChatGPT-plus Subscription and I can use gpt4.0 but how can I upload an image or pdf?


As far as I can tell, image support is currently unavailable in ChatGPT Plus.


but on the anouncment page its stated that it should GPT-4
or am I missing something ?


I’m on the same situation. They say that here but maybe they run into something. Rookie mistake to buy something without checking it first, not talking about GPT4 but in general. I’ve been testing GPT4 vs GPT3.5 and the way it delivers the answer is vastly superior and I’m glad I bought it, but the image processing was what I was the most hyped for. Guess we’ll have to wait. Thank you for bringing this up and that I’m not the only one not finding it


Bought chatgpt plus for image input function and guess what, there is no way to give image to ChatGPT. Openai should refund my money


I think we should wait for some time until image feature comes.

I asked gpt4 how to upload an image, and it told me, including steps. You have to use a third party AI API to convert the image into text, then you can paste that in.

My prompt was:

How do I upload an image into gpt 4?

yesterday I worked on a code where I gave a url with a control panel of a c# code and I asked it to make the code we were working on strictly follow that user interface and he did it but today it has been blocked and does not allow that.

Same for me, the image processing was my goal