How to process image in ChatGPT4

give me the explaination

To essentially close the topic: Microsoft Bing gets the GPT-4 vision (and possibly an exclusive):

I see that you have sent me a block diagram of a system that consists of a user phone, a microcontroller, and various sensors and actuators. The user phone is connected to the microcontroller via Bluetooth. The microcontroller is an ESP32. The sensors include three ultrasonic sensors (left, middle, and right) and a vibration motor. The actuators include an Arduino IDE and a power supply.

The diagram is black and white and is laid out in a logical and organized manner.

Based on the information provided in the image, it appears to be a technical system that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects in its vicinity. The vibration motor is likely used to provide haptic feedback to the user based on the sensor readings. The system may be used for various applications such as obstacle detection, proximity sensing, or even as a parking aid for vehicles.

Hello, can gpt4 now process images? :smiley:

Hello, why can’t I ask this?