How to migrate my previous personal chat history to team

When I upgraded to the team version, it asked me if I wanted to migrate my personal records to the team workspace, but I chose not to. I want to know if there is any way I can migrate?

Even if you didn’t select migration on the first screen, is there an option like “Merge data from personal workspace” as mentioned here?

Based on my experience, if you subscribe to a team plan without migrating, you will see a screen like the one below.


This screen should correspond to the wording explained at this URL.

1. Below your chat history, click on your profile name to open a popup menu.

2. If you are a member of multiple workspaces, they will be displayed under the "Workspaces" section in the popup.

3. To switch, simply click on the name of the workspace you wish to access.

How do I merge my workspaces?

You can merge workspaces by clicking on your profile menu from within the Team workspace, going to ”Settings,” going to “Data Controls,” and selecting “Merge data from your personal workspace.”

The attached screenshot is in Japanese, and the content is as follows:

Are you sure?

  • The transfer of existing data is irreversible and cannot be undone.

  • Your personal account’s chat history and GPT will be migrated to the team’s workspace.

  • Your personal account’s plugins and custom instructions will be deleted. If you have a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, it will be cancelled and refunded at the time of integration.

If you leave the team’s workspace, are removed from the workspace, or if the workspace is deactivated, you will lose access to your data.

How do I get back from teams to solo account again?