How to increase rate limit


We recently received some credit for our company from the “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub” program.
Could you please let us know how can we increase rate limit without paying , also when i am trying to add billing it asking me to add prepaid credits rather than “pay as you go” which i don’t need as i already have credits

Thank you very much.

As i have credits and not added my payment method what should i do here?

This and when i click on start payment plan → enter credit card details → purchase credit between 5 to 50 usd. Forcing me to purchase credits

Why i cant see “pay as you go” plan ? like you can see any idea

There is no option for me to put directly credit card (pay as you go to bill end of month) as soon i put card info it ask me to purchase credit aka “paid plan” or “prepaid”

One more question in case i switch to paid plan 60 rpm first 48 hour and 3,500 RPM after it will be added by default right

This form is incase i need more than that can u clarify in case you know

48 hours after you start a paid plan the rate limits should automatically increase.

Even once you are on a paid plan, whatever free credits you have should be spent first.