Our Rate limit decreased - Paid account with credit

We have a credit from Microsoft Startups Program. 1 hour ago, our rate limit is fixed to 3 RPM and 200 RPD. We’ve a paid account, no issue about this for rate increase. I don’t know what happens now. Any idea?


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A client of mine also received the Startups grant and it was recently moved to Microsoft Azure OpenAI services, might be worth looking at your email chain to see if your grant is with OpenAI or MS Azure OpenAI services.

(Congratulations BTW)

The same happened to me - RPM dropped to 3.

What should I do?

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Do you have credit on your account? dropping to an RPM of 3 typically indicates your account does not have a payment method or you have ran out of credit?

Yes - please take a look

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You will need to reach out to help.openai.com you will see a chatbot icon in the bottom right corner, use that to let them know your issue and your contact details.

I tried two times, but the agent’s replies had nothing to do with my request.


Hello! Hope you’re well.
We have a credit from Microsoft Startups Program. 1 hour ago, our rate limit is fixed to 3 RPM and 200 RPD. We’ve a paid account, no issue about this for rate increase. I don’t know what happens now. Any idea?

Organization ID : org-*******

Hi there,

Sorry you’re running into issues regarding rate limits!

Rate limits, which are restrictions we place on the number of API calls you can make, exist so we can make sure everyone has fair access to the API. If you’re bumping up against these limits, here are some strategies you might try:

  • Reduce max_tokens: Reducing max_tokens to match the size of your completions. Since max_tokens factor into your rate limit calculation, this adjustment might resolve the issue if your Current tokens used are exceeding your token Limit.
  • Optimize Your Requests: Batch requests and employ strategies like exponential backoff along with other error mitigation tactics.
  • Wait for 48 Hours: If you’re a new pay-as-you-go user, be aware that we place daily rate limits during the first 48 hours. More details on your specific rate limits can be found here.
  • Check Your Quota: Ensure you’re not exceeding your monthly spending quota. If you need adjustments, you can do so through the quota increase form.
  • Ensure you’re on our Pay-As-You-Go-Plan: Update your billing with credit card details for the API Platform (not ChatGPT) here. Explore (or free trial users) are heavily restricted, regardless if you already have credits or grants in your account.

Still encountering issues? You can request a rate limit increase by filling out our Rate Limit Increase form. Please note that this applies only to certain models, as gpt-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo-16k are currently capacity constrained and we can’t offer increases today.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue, please provide more details, and I’ll be glad to assist you further.

  • OpenAI Team
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Same for me - chatbot help was not helpful at all.

You say you have a paid account, does it have a valid credit card attached to it? Is the account an existing one setup a while ago or a new one just for this?

If you have a valid credit card that you know has worked in the past, then you need to contact the help.openai.com bot again with additional detail. There is no-one on the forum who can help with account issues.

Have you tried:

  1. remove payment method by “cancel plan”
  2. get back to a billing overview with “start payment plan” button
    2a (leave enough time for the change to propagate.)
  3. start new payment plan, pick account type business, enter card, purchase $5.
  4. get the trigger mechanism of paying that unlocks rate limits and gpt-4.

I can understand. But why a credit card issue?
We added the card to increase rate limit months ago. We’ve $1k+ credit.

It’s very hard to get support from human. You need to go deeper with the bot and send a bug report. That’s what I did. But as you can see, the agent response has nothing to do with my request.

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I’ve 3 cards added. It’s ridiculous that I have to remove and add another one.

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I have left a ticket for the support but it says that they’ll answer in about a week

On the face of it, this looks to be an issue with your account, either temporary or something that needs fixing, but beyond that, the forum can only assist with technical challenges you face with the API itself and not the payments and rate limiting subsystems.

I can apricate that getting a response from a person here seems like a step forwards from your perspective, but it is not going to solve the current issue, for that you need to get the attention of someone who can help with account issues, and that is the help site.

I got it. This seems to be a problem with accounts that have received credits from Microsoft Startups Program. Maybe some employees will read us to check what’s going on overall.

Not “remove card”. Remove all the cards. CANCEL PLAN.

Will try, but I’m afraid. Lastly, the cards was approved manually. It was getting issue. The support said it’s an issue with some accounts that got credits from a program.

Hope that works for you, and I am optimistic.

The result should be that your account, after being reverted to a state of having no payment method on file, will then be put through the process of being enrolled in the system to purchase prepaid credits that was introduced a month ago.

Doing this had the affect that someone who made the change couldn’t pay off their high-volume account bill balance fast enough, hitting the maximum daily limit, and it took several days to get the account positive. It seems you have quite the opposite problem!

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Have you found any solution yet? I’m still having this problem.

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I added $10 to my credit balance and now i have 3500 RPM (for gpt-3.5-turbo).
I know it’s not the solution but it works.