How to get members of community to try my GPT3 application


Say I made a fun application using GPT 3 to tell jokes.

I would like members of the community to try it out.

However, if I just publish it on the web, or on this forum, then if there’s a flood of users then my quota will be rapidly depleted and then I can’t use it to work on other projects :frowning:

Any ideas to prevent this from happening?

I have some ideas:

  1. Ask users to enter their api key

  2. Put a paywall…

Any others?

Maybe you could ask people to DM you if they want access? That way you can control who’s using the app.

Yeah that’s a good idea. Thank you Boris . :blush:

I see many examples of applications on GPT 3

How do they manage to not deplete their money?

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