Share Embedded GPT Model Without Going Broke?

I’m looking to share an embedded GPT Model that I’ve been working on after I was kind of inspired by the Paul Graham Model( by Mckay Wrigley( The problem is that every API call costs money and Mckay Wrigley solved it by asking for people’s OpenAI API Key to talk to the model, which a lot of non-technical people don’t get. Also, I know you can put a limit on your OpenAI Account so your bill isn’t astronomical the next day but that kind of defeats the purpose of sharing it online. Hopefully, there’s a solution but if not I’ll just ask for API Keys too.

I think that this may be a violation of OpenAI’s terms of service:


The sharing of API keys is against the Terms of Use

Hope the helps.


I think other than charging people the only way would be ad revenue. I am trying to figure that out myself, I made an ad-blocker check, that blocks the chat box if they have an ad-blocker on (obviously there are always ways around that), but it seems okay at a minimal point of view since the majority of the public probably don’t know how to get around that anyway. My ad blocker creates a browser cookie, and also creates a small 1x1 pixel “mock” ad and then if it gets blocked it engages overlay so they can’t use the chat since it will cost money. I have been creating endless SEO optimized content as well to attempt to generate organic traffic. Of course Google is taking its sweet time with everything so it takes a lot longer than you’d normally think. Just gotta go through the process, make a good UI, good content, good SEO, good chat set-up, and then hope that the ad revenue pays for the tokens. It seemed too good to be true that Turbo came out at 10x cheaper than Davinci, although I can’t seem to make it work on my Davinci-003 model, so I am screwed on that part unfortunately. It’s a shame because I really like how my Davinci model is working out after many, many, many endless hours of programming and testing. Sigh.

Thanks for sharing. I will look into offsetting the cost with ads.