Checking on how to publish an app with GPT-3 on it to only 5 people

Hi, I just want to make sure that it’s okay to publish a website with GPT-3 on it publically as long as less than 5 people have access to it. How I do it is to give 5 friends of mine a pass word tied with their email, so no one else but they can get into the website’s core functionality. (1st page only has two input, one for their email, the other one for the password. 2nd page for the app with GPT-3 on it.)

(Or is there any way I can easily share my prototype with only selected people privately?)

I have no problem submitting the OpenAI Pre-Launch Review Request and wait for their response, but the product may change while waiting. I just want to see how interested people are/how people interact with the prototype and keep iterating over the features. So in a few weeks, the prototype will look different.

Thank you for your help!


That sounds fine as you’ve described it, thanks for checking!


Hi, thanks for your comment! Making them a part of my team is actually a good idea. But Steven from Open AI said I can do what I described so I am going to do it. Thanks!


Hi Steven! Very cool, thanks for your prompt reply!!

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HT thank you for bringing up the topic, I was just wondering about that last night. Steven thanks for the go-ahead. Also, would using the username and password technique described in HT’s explanation be sufficient for testing with 5 friends on an app such as Twilio?