Best way to monetize app that uses the OpenAI API?

  • I can’t publish the app for mass use because the costs associated with usage may be high
  • Asking users to input their API keys is both inconvenient and ridiculous .
  • I can’t charge for the app because it’s still in the early stages and I haven’t implemented a payment system yet.

Would it be possible for OpenAI to provide a free, throttled API key that’s suitable for apps with low traffic?

Hey champ & welcome to the developer community forum!

There’s no “free” API key, but you limit your costs by programming some throttling into your app, restrict the amount of users by requiring a login, or setting your usage limit on your account here:

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Hello, actually I maybe do.
No option for pm here. can you please drop me email on, and I will get back to you a.s.a.p

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