How to get ChatGPT 4 API access

Could someone tell me please how could I get access to ChatGPT 4 API? I’ve been waiting for more than 2 months. Since the 6th of July, a lot of accounts were granted API access but not mine. I have 2 paid accounts and am ready to pay both but I did.t use chatGPT 3.5 API cos it didn’t meet my projects. Now there is no waitlist and there was a notice that access might be granted at the end of July. But if not? Is there an opportunity to get it earlier or get it at all? Thank you!

Everyone should have access to it now, it’s as easy as creating an api key.

I don’t have it. Could you tell me how could I find out that I was granted it? I checked Playground - there is no chaGPT 4 in there. If I am creating a new API key there is no option to select chatGPT 4.


Did you ever get access? I’m still waiting. Not sure how to contact support.

Have you generated over $1 in monthly billing from use beyond the free trial and been charged for it? That is the past criteria applied every month since the announcement to give more users access to gpt-4: be a paying customer.


Thanks. No I have very little since I’m using chatgpt 4 exclusively as I develop.

I had been waiting to get 4.0 API access before I began writing code to API. Sounds like I need to modify that behavior. Thank you so much for your response. That makes more sense now.