How to get access to custom GPTs without paying

Does Open AI plan to make Custom GPTs accessible to users on the free version of ChatGPT? I understand OpenAI’s motivation is to get people to want to pay for ChatGPT Plus and it’s probably the only way to make a revenue sharing model work with GPT developers, but as developers that are working with the API, it feels like we would need to choose between the API vs building a Custom GPT. Otherwise there is somewhat of a conflict of interest.

For example, building out Botsheets (our GPT solution), if there is a paywall for users to access a Botsheets GPT app (ChatGPT Plus), then we really only benefit from people already paying for ChatGPT, because otherwise if we’re driving users into ChatGPT Plus, we’re cannibalizing our own revenue potential using the API. On the other hand if there was a free version, not behind the ChatGPT Plus paywall, then users could experience value, and developers can use ChatGPT as a low, or no cost distribution platform. We could offer a Botsheets lite, with the ability to drive discovery and get some value, but then monetize with a deeper solution outside of ChatGPT using the API. Does that make sense?


We could also use a way for an organization to
Pay for their gpt so their customers could use it for free. Or does that exist already?

Yes, this. Would be happy to prepay for credits so I can give the link I got when I chose “Publish Publicly” to someone and they can use it with a free OpenAI account and I get charged.

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