How to delete community account?

How can I delete my community account?
It wants me to write more but there really isn’t more to say.

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With OpenAI there are different types of accounts

  • API - e.g.
    Note: There may be more specific variations on this for team members but I don’t know the details on those.
  • ChatGPT individual, e.g. ChatGPT Plus
  • ChatGPT business, e.g. ChatGPT Team or ChatGPT Enterprise


  • this Discourse forum

Which one do you mean?

I dont understand what you mean. This account here, the one you are replying to.

But why would you want to leave us? We’ve tried to be helpful! :cry:

I believe it’s connected to your OpenAI account (if you have one), but I’m not 100% sure.

That would be the Discourse account.

You can not delete the account yourself. You need an admin to delete it. Even as a moderator I can not delete your account.

I will notify an admin but no promises. Don’t expect anything to happen for many days.