How to bypass sms verification for a company account?

I can’t use my existing mobile phone I guess because it is associated with my personal openai account. I can’t use the office VOIP or google voice either. How am I supposed to use openai through my job when openai wont let me make an account with anything except a personal device?

Welcome to the community @rallen1! :slight_smile:

This is, to my knowledge, to avoid that people are using the free credits to much. A negative side effect are such cases as yours. I believe there is no way to bypass this when setting up a new account :frowning: In your case I’d ask your employer to provide you a cheap text only phone to set up the account, this would be the easiest way.

Hi, thanks fo the welcome :D, and, thanks for the response and possible solution. I appreciate the help!

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Your welcome!, sorry that there is no convenient solution in this case…