How to build a voice chatbot

I am looking for some guidance and ideas regarding my idea: i would like to build a voice chatbot that works with GPT3 to fufill the customer needs (customer service).

For example:
The chatbot starts the conversation, asks you a question and then reacts on your answers.

How is that possible in general?
Do i have to connect a text to speech solution with an assistant software and with GPT3? Or what is the best approach?

Unfortunately i could not find anything in this forum or Google about this specific topic.

Appreciate any help!

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This was my voice chatbot. It’s okay.

Hello, linksstarter.

I’ve built the exact service that you’re asking for, here. It is voice-enabled i.e. it can reply to the person’s conversations in voice.

I have got an open beta program if you’d like to try it out. And maybe use it for your needs. Here’s the link

I would love to hear more from you.