Custom CHATBOT for research and various day to day activity

Good morning, everyone
I have got a bit curious on how can a person build his/her custom chatbot.
While exploring AWS services I got a look at new AWS service ‘AWS LEX’.
Though it is interesting to build by providing the intent but if someone want to build it on custom dataset such that Whatever the source is whether audio, video, or text it understands the data and then I can use that trained chatbot.

Any help will be appreciated as I find it very interesting and just thinking that how much it can make anyone’s work easy.

If you know how to call an HTTP API from your code then you can just use the OpenAI API and call it, from your app.

When I wrote my implementation I cheated by just asking ChatGPT to write it for me in Java and it immediately created something that works! As long as you have experience coding you can do it.