Need help developing an Intelligent Chatbot!

Hey there,

I’m trying to develop an Intelligent Chatbot that Answers FAQ questions that I provide to the bot and implement it in my web application.

In my research I found 3 types of FAQ Chatbots: - Rule-based chatbots - Keyword-based chatbots - Conversational AI . And for my choice will be a Conversational AI.

The problem is I’m new to the AI industry and I have no idea what to do, where do I start, what frameworks do I use… Kinda lost.

I have an idea to implement chatGPT3 and configure it (with a Prompt) to only answer my FAQ that I will provide and nothing else but is it possible?

Any help please?

Welcome to the forum…

The API quickstart is a great place to start.

Do you have a lot of web dev experience? It helps!

Searching the forums, you should find a lot of great useful posts too.

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I am a co-founder at cetient. We have built a platform for creating chatbots without requiring code. It uses the chat gpt api on the backend. I’d be happy to help you onboard.