How to borrow access to gpt4?


GPT4 subscription is not available right now.
Does somebody provide access to GPT4 via sharing key via proxy web service?
I see GPT needs lots of power and hardware is limited,
but I hope everybody will win if there is an option to send at least 1 request daily.
So a throttling HTTP proxy with independent authentication injecting API key into HTTP header seems feasible idea. Does something like exist?

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This would be against the OpenAI Terms of Service and is very likely to get the shared account permanently banned.



Unfortunately, this doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons:

  1. abuse: such a shared endpoint would need to be monitored for abuse. while that’s feasible, it adds overhead cost. if too many people abuse it, the owner risks losing their standing with OpenAI/Azure, etc.
  2. usage: such a shared endpoint would need to be monitored for usage. while that’s also feasible, it adds overhead cost.
  3. fraud: biggest issue: such a shared endpoint would need to be monetized. The biggest issue with such a service is that it is very common to get chargebacks, and that a lot of potential users will try to use stolen credit cards. factoring that risk into pricing, the endpoints would have to be 5-10X more expensive.
  4. export restrictions: potential users of such an endpoint would also be nationals from export restricted countries. While this is already happening to a large degree, your service would just be a low hanging fruit waiting to be chopped by OpenAI for compliance reasons.

Overall, it’s not really feasible for a developer to share their access with random people. Your best option at the moment is probably to find someone who trusts you, and adds you to their org.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Sharing openai api keys? iI you proxy them, that’s just a product - why would that be against the ToS?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!
(will require $5 of credit to be added to your API account)

Microsoft Bing
Quora Poe
GitHub Copilot Personal

5 places you can access the GPT-4 model, there are probably others.