Can we transfer GPT 4 API key access from one user to another user?

I have requested for access to GPT4 API key and I am in waitlist. I know someone who have access to GPT 4 API key and not using it. Can I transfer the access GPT4 API access from one Open AI user to another user?

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From Terms of Use

You may not … buy, sell, or transfer API keys without our prior consent;

You can be added to their organization and use your keys with their Org ID, but they will be paying for your requests. Otherwise wait a couple weeks and GPT4 should be available for all developers.

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The $20 monthly subscription is not great value for money for those who, try as we might, only run up a monthly bill of about $2 or less. And I do try :slight_smile:

Is it possible to form a virtual / family organisation and share the $20 cost (10 people @ $2/month). And if this happened would said syndicate members get access to all the goodies and plugins?