Anyone with access to GPT 32k?


Is there anyone here who have access to GPT4 api 32k? I have a collaboration proposal as I need to sped up a test that would require gpt4 32k

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I’m also waiting on 32k. Progress is on hold until 32k arrives.

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The cost of 32k tokens appears to be quite high, especially since it is priced per 1k token. Pricing A single call using all 32k tokens will cost approximately $2, which raises questions about the economic viability of using them. It would be intriguing to see any potential strategies to make these calls worthwhile.

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Waiting for the 32k access too…

It makes a lot of sense in several cases. Documentation, code fixing and optimization, code commenting and reading large amount of documentation to build new things are a few of the cases I’ll be using it once I get access. Already doing that with the 8k model but the 32k will take it to another level.

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If you have a business with a Microsoft Azure account you can apply to get access to GPT-4 through that:

Then after you get accepted for that, (could be wrong though) you’d separately apply for 32K access.


Awesome thx!! :pray: I heading over and applying right away

I hope that the 32K APIs will be available ASAP.

Do you see any chance that this will happen soon?

I am still waiting. Asked openAI about two weeks ago and did not get a reply. IMHO prompt-size is the most important barrier for LLMs nowadays

I was playing with gpt-4-32k-0613 last night and 3.5 16k as well and it was pretty great, this morning only 3.5 16k works and I have zeor gpt-4 api access when I have had it previously? and paid membership. This happen to anyone, getting their access reverted ? Im just doing stuff with code snippets and not asking bad questions. Or could it just be the gpt-4 is down?