How to appeal about blocking account?

Got email from OpenAI that I used API in ways that violate their policies.

  1. This is wrong, I didn’t violate it, I used it for usual purpose and even didn’t use for a last 2 months.
  2. I use ChatGPT and used API from supported location only.
  3. And the main issue – they blocked all access, not just API. So I can’t use ChatGPT now.

I couldn’t find where on the I could write an appeal.
I found only one place where I can write - feedback form. And I did it, but it is not the place for the proper appellation.
What will you recommend me to do?

Welcome to the forum.

First off, no user on this forum can help you.

Does this mean use used the bot image in the lower right of the help page?

If so then AFAIK is the correct and only way.

Wait for a response from OpenAI that does not come from this topic.


Yes, I used the bot. I will wait for the response.