How long can I expect a Deactivated User Appeal to take?

Like many other users here, I was banned for trying to refine a prompt that was disallowed for unclear reasons. I submitted an appeal about a week ago and haven’t heard anything-- I tried starting a support chat conversation about it today, but I was notified “your conversation has ended” shortly thereafter.

How long can I expect this to take? Will they tell me if my appeal has been rejected?

And if they do reject my appeal (or, heaven forbid, already have rejected it), can I at least get a refund for all the unused credits I’ve bought? I’d much rather use them and then buy more, but if OpenAI isn’t going to let me use or refund what I’ve bought, I can’t help but feel like that borders on fraud. Even if the TOS violation somehow makes that legal, the TOS are so vague, opaque, and inconsistently enforced (and specifically in a way that’s extremely prone to automated error), I don’t see how any court could consider it a reasonable standard for delivering pre-paid service.