Seeking Guidance on Complex Project: Need One-on-One Discussion

I am on a project that you are thinking about. Its complex or it isnt. I cant figure it out. Is there anyone can have a one with one chat?

Welcome to the forum.

If you give us more details, we can openly help you here in the forum thread so that others can also benefit.

Welcome to the community!

If you really need one-on-one instead of a group response you can message some helpful people on here and ask for help.

Might be best for a mentor to step up rather than mass unsolicited messages, but I didn’t mean to suggest it had to be out in the open here. Just be respectful of other members is all.

Please try asking in your native language, it may be easier to explain what your question is that way, you can use ChatGPT to translate or just post as is and we can do that.


To get an api to open sources of info that are buried and incorp them into a chat like atmosphere.

Show me the way and thanks…I am new to this. Grazi

Yo!! What do you mean by “native language?” You want me to talk slang NYC to you so you can see how native I am. Crude little, (and you can finish that sentence out and feel my “native.”