Pricing Help for a custom AI chat web app (specs below)

Hello fellow AI agent’s,

A client has asked me to develop a custom chat app for their business. I’m looking for insights on pricing a job like this. Have you worked on something similar, or do you have thoughts on a fair quote?

This is uncharted territory for me as it’s my first time charging for this specific service (although have completed hobby and personal projects with 80-90% of the same specs)

Project Specs:

AI Integration & Backend Development:
GPT-4 API with the following functions:
Connecting to a vector database for information retrieval.
Knowledge Base: Connecting a knowledge base for custom character/persona responses.
Individual User Conversational Memory: Connecting a vector database to retain user conversation history.

Along with adding OAuth.

Front-End Development:

UI Development:
Crafting a UI similar to ChatGPT.
Implementing the UI as a web app into their WordPress site.
Rate Limiting: Managing conversation limits.

The client will be covering compute and resource costs.

Would really appreciate some direction with price range or any other things to consider.

Cheers :pray: