I need help with pricing please

Hi everyone

Apologies if this has been answered or is a stupid question.

I made a bot using the ChatGPT plus subscription tools. I work as an accountant consultant, and I’m thinking of offering this bot as a product to sell.

It isn’t quite stable enough and I read that if it was built within Open API, it could be configure better,

My issue is I ma confused about the cost. Do I pay to build the BOT or will I be billed based on the reponses the BOT gives when complete. It will need to be quite complex in its answers ie able to read and analyse spreadsheet data, but also base its answers solely on a knowledge base which are strict regulatory criteria (around 600 pages),
Does anyone have any advice on both cost effectiveness but also considering accuracy as the main driver.
Any further info on how Open APIs pricing system works will also be appreciated



Hi Daniel

Welcome to the forum.

When using API you will be billed by everything you send and received from the API. The prices per units (1000 tokens) are here: Pricing

If your app will be using english language, consider 1 token is roughly 3/4 of a word (1000 tokens is roughly 700 words).

The only “bot” that you can make to share within ChatGPT Plus is a “GPT” (yes, I know, a poor name). It is exclusively sharable and runnable only within the accounts of others you share with that also have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. “Selling” it is without mechanism.

The creation of a GPT is not transferable to the API. They are different products.

The API has a similar agent that can run autonomously called “assistants”. You must provide your own services built around your own code. The costs of assistants are high and unpredictable due the iterative nature and the maximized use of context length for tokens, and you don’t get a report of the cost of a run. It is therefore not suitable for public-facing products.

Still, you can build chat products more within your control that are accountable to you.

Dan, regarding your bot product, you pay for ChatGPT Plus subscription tools, not for building the bot. The cost is associated with model usage. For Open API, billing is based on tokens processed, not responses. To enhance accuracy for complex tasks, consider fine-tuning and consulting experts. Review OpenAI’s commercial use policies for product integration, and consult their documentation or support for Open API pricing details. Good luck with your bot development.

Thank you all for your response, they are much appreciated.

I am not a developer, I’m a decent accountant who is starting to consult and I have an idea which is bit like " a consultant in a box".

I tried using the assistant briefly and didn’t quite get it right (it was brief though).

The bot I made in gpt worked relatively well but would be sellable in my opinion, although I would use it myself for consulting with.

I Need to look at more training material so will do that.

Without giving away what the bot does exactly. I need to work out whether I’m capable of building it…

I have used python coding but mainly generated by chatgpt :joy:

Despite not being a developer and, I really don’t want to offend anyone, but I really don’t want to pay for the bots creation if I can do it myself. I do the consulting that this is designing, but it would open up to smaller firms who can’t pay a consultant fee.

The one I already built does work but requires reminders. When using the API version I can’t seem to tell it to follow a process. I’m wondering if I need to add code?
In reality I thought I could communicate with this version as I do in gpt and say “moving forward please do this”.
I suppose I’m asking, if I want the bot to act in a certain way given the prompt, does this need coding or can I word it to the assistant?

I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying I don’t want to pay; it is no slight on developers, I enjoy working with AI would love to say that this is mine, if that makes sense.

What is the average dev cost for a bot with a 600 page knowledge base? Any rough ideas will be helpful.

Thank you all again for responding, I really appreciate it.