How monthly usage limit works? (Hard Limit fails to limit API calls)

Hi, I’ve setted up a hard limit of $20 so to not use all our credits due to a mistake / infinite loop / anything. Now, I’ve received an email saying

Hi X,
Your API usage this month has reached your account’s monthly budget of $20.00.
API requests will be rejected until either (a) you increase your monthly budget or (b) your monthly usage resets at the beginning of the next calendar month.

Our monthly usage shows almost $90. Despite the fact the limit was bypassed a few days ago, the API calls are still not rejected. How come it’s possible? When will the hard cap take precedence? Is there any more reliable way to limit the usage?

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You are not the first to report the hard limit threshold is ineffective (after OpenAI tampering with the function, previously with a plan to simply disable it and the user interface for those that prepay credits).

The soft limit only sends an email, it does not stop usage. Your email reports the hard limit - but it seems to be now a fiction.

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Same problem here too. I get an email and also an error with message ‘You exceeded your current quota’ but somehow my balance kept going down for further requests that I made that which kept failing with the same error message. Can’t figure out what we were charged for !

Did the hard limit ever work? We just spent more than 2x our limit…